About Us

About Us

Gidgee Sticks Bowhunting and Archery Supplies has been developed by a couple of keen Bowhunters who have a passion for hunting feral pigs and anyother Feral Pests we can get access to.
We expect our arrows to fly like darts and our Broadheads to fly the same as our field tips.
We live in the Heart of pig country, where there are plenty of opportunities to get a pig or two and we take every opportunity provided to us with a big smile, sweat on our brows and a beer in hand to celebrate when we are done.

Our main focus is the Gidgee Sticks Carbon Fibre Arrow Shafts and the VanDiemans Single Bevel Broadheads.
We will stock other items as they become available to us, provided we can offer them to you at a price advantage.

Most Gidgee Sticks products are manufactured overseas, as are the majority of Archery products being sold in Australia.

A Gidgee Sticks Carbon Fibre Arrow Shaft is a good quality arrow that flies well, is tuff and if you don't lose it should last quite a while.  They're not unbreakable, but they are solid and straight with a consistant weight.  The inserts and outserts have a propper fit, the nocks will not fall out the first time you shoot them into a target.

Our broadheads will come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For us to even consider selling a broadhead to you, they must firstly spin test well, fly true, and do the job they are supposed to do. If we wont screw them onto our own arrows, you will not see them for sale here. Full Stop.

Gidgee Sticks Bowhunting and Archery supplies aim to keep our products at affordable prices, while maintaining our ideals of quality as noted above.  Our small profits will go towards increasing the range of products that we can supply at a competitive price to you and your fellow Bow Hunters.

Happy Hunting