VanDieman/Gidgee Sticks Factory Seconds

VanDieman Single Bevel Broadheads
All VanDieman Single Bevel Broadhead are Spin Tested on a Lathe.
Some of the product has point centres that are not quite centred. Though the majority of hunters would never notice the difference in flight, we usually correct this through an extra process during sharpening.
We have decided to now offer these broadheads as a factory second to those who do not require optimum perfection in their broadheads and would like some great savings.
These broadheads are available in a six pack with factory edge, There is an option to recieve yours Shaving Sharp, if your not inclined to sharpen your own. Sharpening of 100 and 125 Grain will cost an extra $1.50/Broadhead, Sharpening of 150 and 225 Grain will cost an extra $2.00/Broadhead. Please note Shaving sharp options may take a few days to ship, as we will only sharpen these when requested.
I have personally shot these broadheads from both 70lb Hoyt Spyder Turbo and 80lb Hoyt Spyder 30 out to 100m. Impact postion was the same as with our premium product.
Gidgee Sticks Carbon Fibre Arrow Shafts
All Gidgee Sticks carbon Fibre Arrows go through a rigorous testing before being packaged to ensure that our customers recieve a consistent quality product.
This process involves Spin Testing, Straightness testing with a Dial Indicator, Spine Testing and Weight testing.
Of course there is alway product that is not up to our standards, it may not quite fall within the straightness range of our product, or the spines may not be within tolerance.
In order to maintain our low prices on quality product we have decided to offer these products to our customers at a greatly reduced price rather than scrapping them and allowing for the cost of failures in our premium products.
All Arrows made available as seconds will have a spine consistency +/-7 of that advertised  here. All arrows will be packaged at or better than the straightness advertised here on the seconds page.

Please keep checking back as available products will be continually changing on this page.